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Auto Dealerships

& Showrooms

This is what we D0!

Whether your dealership is looking to decorate for a corporate holiday function, car dealership VIP event, dealership event, seasonal promotion or for a sale, Posh Balloon Studio can help.

Our ceiling decor, columns, arches, or themed pieces will certainly attract customers. Our designs will also create a welcoming atmosphere for both customers and employees to admire. We work hard to add that special custom touch to your promotion and it brings us great satisfaction. Helping you elevate your next promotion is what we do best! We have Complete-package pricing designed for Dealerships.

We'll do our job,

so you can do yours!

Why Choose us?


We have been providing the automotive sales industry with quality, professional balloon services for 10+ years. Our talented team has over 15+ years combined experience. 


We strive for the best results, the biggest smiles and the happiest customers! Balloons make us happy and we hope our level of creativity and skill we provide will make you happy too.  We are delighted to work with you to achieve your vision, and we are always finding ways for our clients to get the most from our abilities.


Customer service is our top priority. We understand the need for timely, rapid and effective decorating for marketing purposes. We work hard and make the extra effort when your event or promotion needs it most!


Auto Dealership Balloon Instillation Packages

Adding color and motion to your dealership brings in customers. Posh Balloon Studio offers Balloons in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to enhance your showroom and dealership. Our packages are custom created for each dealership. Contact us so we can create a custom package for you. All Packages include initial installation with a choice of services.

Things We do Best

These are just some of the things we are good at


Hanging Balloon Arch


Hanging Balloon Arch


Hanging Balloon Arch


Hanging Balloon Clusters


Hanging Balloon Clusters


Hanging Balloon Clusters


Custom Printed Balloons


Custom Printed Balloons


Custom Printed Balloons



Topiaries with Jumbo Balloons


Balloon Topiaries with Mylar balloon


Car Lot & Outdoor Balloon Display

The Next Step

We're excited to learn more about your Auto Dealership & get started with you!​

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